ShakeologyShakeology is a revolutionary meal replacement plan that is intended to give you a highly nutritious approach to dieting. Shakeology is made from over 70 whole foods that can be found around the world that combine to make an ultra-healthy drink that can be used as an after-workout shake or as a meal replacement plan.

Shakeology is designed to help you lose weight as well as improve the overall health level of your body. It is able to do so by helping eliminate unwanted toxins or buildup inside your system while replacing it with highly nutritious vitamins and minerals that will help improve your digestion, bowel regularities, and even your cholesterol levels.

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Sometimes meal replacement diets are viewed with cynical eyes, and for good reason. Often times they can be compared to a starvation diet where you’re really not inserting any positive nutrition into your body. However, thanks to the ultra-healthy ingredients inside Shakeology you can rest assured that this is one meal replacement plan that will get you the results you’re looking for while still providing a very healthy meal that will please your taste buds as well as your nutritionist.

Shakeology Instructions

Shakeology InstructionsThere are different ways to incorporate Shakeology into your diet. Whether you’re looking to add Shakeology as a supplement after workouts or even to use it as a complete meal replacement plan. Shakeology can be utilized in a variety of ways that can all be beneficial to you. One option is to use Shakeology in addition to a balanced diet, incorporating it as a workout supplement to help replenish the body after intense, physical exercise. The ultra-healthy ingredients will help the body recover from these tough workouts while putting dozens of essential vitamins and minerals back into your system.

Another option for Shakeology use is known as the Shakeology cleanse. This is a 3 day program that cleanses and detoxifies the body. You will follow a strict plan that involves multiple Shakelogy shakes each day as well as a selection of other, small snacks. This is perfect if you’re about to begin a new workout regiment, or if you’re losing to lose a couple pounds over the course of a few days. The Shakeology cleanse is a great way to rid your body of stored up toxins that may be causing you harm.

Making a Shakeology shake is quick, convenient, and extremely easy to do. Simply mix a scoop of Shakeology powder with your liquid of choice (juice, milk, water, etc.), and shake, blend, or stir vigorously.

Who Created Shakeology?

Carl DaikelerThe creator of Shakeology is Carl Daikeler, and he is also the CEO of Beachbody. Daikeler invented Shakeology as a way to improve his diet. Daikeler has often expressed his distaste for vegetables, and was looking for a way to still incorporate the nutrition value that vegetables provide into his diet without having to actually taste the vegetables.

The result of Daikeler’s searching was Shakeology, which he has dubbed the healthiest meal of the day. It tastes great buts till provides all the necessary vitamins and nutrients that are available in vegetables. It’s a great way to instantly absorb a daily dose of substance in one quick, easy to drink shake.

Shakeology Ingredients – What’s in Shakeology?

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All this talk surrounding Shakeology’s ingredients will certainly leave you asking yourself what exactly is in Shakeology. The primary source of protein in Shakeology is whey, and is derived from milk. It is one of the most bioavailable protein sources on the planet, meaning you will get a strong dose of protein in every Shakeology shake. However, the protein is certainly not the only powerful ingredient included in Shakeology.

While the protein is certainly appreciated, the rest of the ingredients in Shakeology are also noteworthy. It includes a wide array of whole foods, including Acai berry, Goji berry, Spirulina, sprouted quinoa, and even green tea. There are also digestive enzymes mixed into the formula that help ensure that all the nutrients are adequately broken down and absorbed well by your system, even as it begins to eliminate your body of what shouldn’t be there.

Shakeology Nutrition Facts

One of the ways this is possible is because Shakeology uses several whole-food sources of nutrients, rather than using only synthetic extracts or isolates (in the way that some multi-vitamin pills do). There are several benefits of this method of using whole-food derived ingredients, but the main one is that the nutrients are preserved as close to their natural state as possible once they’re in the shake. This is helpful because it causes all of the nutrients to be delivered throughout your body in a very natural and holistic way.

Shakeology uses this groundbreaking technology to help your body begin to absorb these nutrients quicker and more efficiently. Many times people are concerned about the production of Shakeology and similar substances since the process of converting food from its natural state to a powder can often destroy the nutrients in that food if it isn’t done correctly. The manufacturers at Shakeology work very hard to ensure that the highest levels of nutrients are preserved through strict, temperature-controlled drying and processing.

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